Reasons to outsource

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Association’s Media and Marketing Strategy

ashin March 18th, 2014

Does this sound like you? You’re trying hard to maintain relevancy with your existing members, develop new ways to grow your membership, and oh yeah, implement tactics that will reach your members via a dizzying array of ever-changing digital channels.

You may be thinking that it’s time to call for reinforcements. Here, we offer five reasons why outsourcing your media and marketing strategy may be the right move for you:

  1. Expertise: While you may know that you need a strategic online business plan, for instance, where do you even start? Highly skilled outside experts can share proven formulas for success and shortcuts that will enable your association to capitalize on the latest online digital strategies. The right consultants can help you develop a cohesive media solution that drives audience (members) and builds revenue (sponsors) across your digital, print and events marketing.
  2. Speed: The world is moving at digital speed these days – and you’re already feeling the pressure to remain relevant for your members. You have a list a mile long of “should do’s” and no time to develop a cohesive strategy to achieve your long-term goals, let alone train your staff to help you get there. By outsourcing your marketing strategy, you can operate at the speed of digital and get the information to your members where they need it and WHEN they need it.
  3. Relationships: Bring in veteran consultants, and you can take advantage of deep relationships in media management that have been years in the making – even if you haven’t been in the industry for long. Because they work regularly with a variety of associations and non-profits, outside consultants recognize and understand what today’s marketers need – and can give you the content-delivery systems that will take your association to the next level. What’s more, the right outsourced partner will help you build stronger relationships within your organization, resulting in more consultative and collaborative approaches across your sales and marketing teams.
  4. Cost Savings: One of your largest expense line items is likely your print invoice. But who has the time, the manpower, or the expertise to pore over invoices for all of your print collateral? A consultant can analyze your print invoices to answer the big picture questions related to printing, paper, shipping, mailing services and postage. That means you get the expertise, printer relationships and group purchasing power that will ensure you are getting the best price and value from your vendors. Many of our clients have experienced savings of 25-30% over their total printing costs after optimizing their print production processes.
  5. Energy Infusion: It happens to us all – the daily grind starts to wear us down. And, it happens to your sales teams, too, who are responsible for selling the same ol’ product offerings day in and day out. But bring in an outside expert with new ideas and new tools to sell integrated media solutions, and stand back and be amazed at how your sales staff responds. With access to creative revenue-generating strategies and techniques, your sales teams can get excited again, enabling them to build stronger relationships, unlock incremental dollars, and open the door to new budget lines.

Ready to talk about how outsourcing your media strategy can benefit your association? Contact us today – we’d love to explore how we can help you tap into your association’s potential.