Integrated Sales

Does Your Sales Team Sell the Way Today’s Marketers Want to Buy?

ashin January 23rd, 2014

Today’s marketers are savvy and sophisticated.  They don’t buy “products” (magazines, websites) or even “channels” (print, digital, email, social media).

They buy solutions.

The four marketing solutions typically used across most business verticals are:

  • Brand Building
  • Lead Generation/Nurturing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Relationship Building

Is your sales team speaking the integrated solutions language?

Offering integrated media solutions results in more robust relationships between you and your corporate members, sponsors, and advertisers. With the ability to offer an integrated media approach, your sales team becomes known as an invaluable expert and consultant to your customers. These stronger relationships in turn can open the door to new and different budget lines and can transform relationships from “gee, I have to buy because it’s the industry association” to “wow, these guys are really solving my problem.”

So what are you waiting for? Sounds easy, eh?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Over the years, having worked across 30+ industry verticals, AMP put together an evolving chart of integrated media solutions that can deliver the goals outlined above. While there may be additional solutions to those listed, odds are most of the solutions fall under one of these four.

Not sure how your association product offerings align into an integrated marketing solution? We’d love to help.

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